Sunday, December 4, 2011

Looking with new eyes

Looking into the mirror this morning as I was getting ready for the day, I decided to pause and look at my outer self.  I looked at my beard, hair, wrinkles, nose, and ears, but it was my eyes that captured my attention this morning. My eyes used to be brown, now they are green. 
There are several reasons why eyes change color. According to Wikipedia: “Changes (lightening or darkening) of eye colors during puberty, early childhood, pregnancy, and sometimes after serious trauma (like heterochromia) do represent cause for plausible argument to state that some eyes can or do change, based on chemical reactions and hormonal changes within the body.”
I made a decision a number of years ago to consciously change the way I looked at life. I wanted to reflect my inner self on my outer surface.  Life’s experiences, and the way in which we act and react form many of our outer appearances. 
Going to the park or to the zoo is one of my favorite activities. It brings me closer to nature and also helps me appreciate the many creations on this earth. When I watch the animals, I have been able to get a sense of their personalties and their character traits. I have found that they respond when I talk to them. There is an Australian dove in the Albuquerque Zoo that will “Talk” to me. The Kookaburra will come up to the front of the cage and “talk” with me too.  Some of the animals, like the Polar Bear will respond when I “talk” to them. They like to play in the water with their water toys and will swim up to the glass and appear to smile. 
I used to feel sorry for these animals when I would watch them in their cages, but not any more. I was thinking about their captivity one day and I had a very strong impression come to me. These animals and birds allowed themselves to be brought to these places so that I would be able to interact with them. This is their gift to us. I was humbled by this message and the gift that they offered to me. I thanked them for their gift. You may see me at the zoo talking to them like I would to a person. I have often been amazed at the responses that I get when I communicate with the animals, they are really aware of us and our gratitude.
I like to watch people when I go out. It is an opportunity to learn about myself.  I enjoy watching people as much as I enjoy watching the animals. The clothes that we wear and our hair styles reflect how we feel about ourselves. Many couples begin to take on one another’s appearance. Our pets reflect our personalities and appearance.  Our cars and houses reflect our personalities. 
In observing these things, I began to notice that I would have impressions come to me. I could sense certain feelings and I wondered if these were connected to the people that I was focusing on. I discovered that I was picking up on the inner feelings of those that I watched. I tested this new theory and found it to be accurate. 
The eyes are where much of the information is transferred to me. When I look into my own eyes or into the eyes of others there is always an exchange of information. It can be a very intimate experience to look into another’s eyes. I have learned much about myself and others when eye contact is made. It is like a direct connection to the soul of that person. 
It works the same with animals. Look into the eyes of your dog or cat and you can’t help but feel their love and loyalty.
I know that others can also sense these same connections that I have. I have felt the exchange take place. I seem to have this ability stronger with family or close friends but I can also focus my attention towards a stranger or even a tree or flower and pick up on this communication. 
There is an inner Web that all of us are connected with. It is available whenever we choose to use it. It is hardwired into our DNA. It is free with out any restrictions or pass words. It is a gift that we were given when we came to this earth. All it takes to access it is our desire to do so. 
There are some who would like to control our inner Web access. They try to confuse us with conflicting messages. I have had to override and restrict access by these viruses. They are everywhere. The media, government, religion. These big business corporations depend on our lack of inner communication. At every opportunity they try to reenforce their programing and control. They have specialized programs to disrupt our own software programs. Subliminal messages of fear and lack along with aerosols and chemicals are continually being flooded through the air and water to control our thoughts. Our own government has experimented on our soldiers and citizens to test the limits of these programs and the possible uses in their control over us. It can be a very frightening reality to discover all the experiments that have been perpetrated upon us. 
Whenever I get overwhelmed at these big business programs directed at me, my inner Web access kicks in and reminds me that I have nothing to fear. I can choose to restrict access at any time. We have a firewall protection built into our DNA. Our CPU, our central processing unit, will warn us and give us the ability to decode and override any rogue access. 
My own guidance taught me that when someone or something is trying to override my inner guidance system, that I am to take that thought or feeling or impression and surround it in a field of love. When the virus is surrounded in Love, it is neutralized. I then send that altered frequency  back to the source where it helps to rewrite the original program.
I rely on my inner guidance to help me in life. Looking at outer appearances through my new green eyes has helped me to navigate people, government, media and religion. I am drawn to others who are vibrating in the same frequency as me and my radar warns me of possible threats to my own security. It has taken me a long  time to fine tune this ability, and I am sure I will continue to adjust my outer senses to work with my inner senses.
I am able to see the inner truths that once I was unable to see with my old eyes. Maybe my adjustments to my inner guidance is what changed the color of my eyes, maybe not, but regardless of the reason, I am grateful for new eyes.