Friday, October 19, 2012

Bread and Milk

Bread and Milk

The smell of baking bread filled my house tonight. As I thought of what I wanted for supper, I remembered watching Grandpa and Grandma eating their simple meal of bread and milk.
The memories of my visits as a child came alive and I sat down at the same table and chairs that they used and thoroughly enjoyed my simple meal of bread and milk.
We carry the physical DNA of our ancestors within each of our bodies. Some traits are stronger than others but we have a unique heritage that is like no other.
We have a look about us that outsiders can see and identify as common in our family lines. 
No matter how hard we try to cover or altar our heritage, we can’t get away from the nose or ears or hair that we inherited.
These family traits are what makes us a special family.
That DNA can be damaged through our own abuses or it can be altered through our choices.
We also carry within each of our souls a unique spiritual DNA.
This spiritual DNA plays an even more important role than our physical DNA.
This spiritual DNA gives us the ability to do anything we choose.
There are many sources around the world that try to convince us otherwise.
When teachers, parents, siblings, church or governments tell us that we can’t do something, what they are telling us is that we must settle for less.
There is an inner voice within each of us that reminds us that we are capable of greatness. 
It warns us when we are in danger and inspires us when we are feeling low.
Our spiritual heritage is a powerful tool as we navigate the waters of life.
Have you ever asked yourself, Where did that thought or ability come from?
Our spiritual families are watching over us and are encouraging us to develop these spiritual traits.
The blending of our physical and spiritual DNA are what makes this earthly experience so important for each of us. 
What we do and what we experience will be passed on to our children and their children.
We can choose to enhance positive traits or we can choose to break generational abuses that have been passed to us.
We played a large role in choosing the lives that we now experience. We allowed, planned or created every experience that we are now living.
For every question or problem, there is an answer and solution.
Trust yourself and know that you are destined for greatness.
Take time each day to spend in quiet reflection.
Give thanks for all that we have.
This is the beginning of understanding the how’s and why’s of life.
You are not alone, you carry within you the DNA of strong pioneers and the DNA of the Gods.
Each of us can make a powerful difference in the lives of those around us who have given up on life.
A simple word of encouragement or a hug can make all the difference in someone’s life who is struggling.
We have inherited from our parents the spiritual and physical DNA to do anything we choose.
What will you choose this day?

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Those Eyes

Those eyes!
I stepped through the door to ask directions and there she was. 
Those eyes! 
I walked up to the counter and ask my question, she politely told me how to get to my destination, I turned and walked out. 
A few miles down the road I determined to return and get another look. 
Several hours later I returned to see those eyes again. 
When I walked into the little rock shop I felt my heart skip a beat as our eyes met again. 
Why are you out here in the middle of this rural area? 
She said it must be to give directions.
I asked again, but this time she said that she was connected to this land.
I thought so ... I said.
I watched as the tears welled up in her eyes.
Then I felt that familiar spiritual feeling that happens when I need to pay close attention.
I too, am connected to this land, to this place, I said.
In those brief minutes together, we spoke the same language, felt the same spirit and shared a memory from a past life where we stood on opposite sides.
She said she had long ago forgiven those who had treated her so harshly. Life is too precious to waste it carrying resentment and anger. 
I looked into her eyes as she spoke and felt the sincerity of her words.
I asked some more questions and then felt that old familiar feeling again ... the one that tells me that I am in a safe place and I need to open my heart and share what I am experiencing. 
In those brief few minutes we were able to connect as old friends.
We walk similar paths now.
My path has opened me to new possibilities, new information, new adventures. 
Her path for now is to give directions to those who are lost and need help.
When I left the store, I wondered if this was just a chance meeting or maybe more?
I don’t know, but I am always looking for those eyes.
The ones that really look into the depth of my soul. 
I was promised that I would recognize them by their eyes.
My family.
My spiritual family.
I have a special place in my heart for those whom I have connected with on this level of understanding.
We have a similar path and sometimes our paths cross.
We share and then we continue on down our road.
I have attempted to look into others eyes and they have declined to reveal that part of themselves.
Not everyone is willing to look deeply into another’s eyes. It is an intimacy where one soul can connect with another.
The eyes are the doorway to the soul.
I will continue to search. 
I will find you.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What if?

What If?

What if there is more?
This is a question that I have been asking myself for over 20 years. It has opened my mind to explore the possibilities that this earth experience provides for us.
This question has also made it necessary to let go of some preconceived ideas and programing that I received during my formative years.
Not all of them, but those things that no longer allow me to grow in my spiritual path.
When I allowed myself to believe in this idea, there were new doors that opened.
So ... what if I lived before this lifetime?
I have thought and pondered this question many times and in varying circumstances.
I found that most of the world believes in this idea.
Most cultures have a creation story, mine came from organized Christian religion. 
It was limited to what came from the bible and modern prophets.
I had some spontaneous experiences that made me ask, what If there is more. 
What if I have only been given a small piece of the overall picture.
I have been working on getting the straight edges in my puzzle so that I can begin to fill in the harder irregular pieces.
Those missing pieces began to appear when I allowed for the possibility that my limited belief system was limiting my overall experience.
Deja vu experiences began to occur in my life.
I discovered these flashes were bits of information that were from my past or possible future experiences.
Some connected to earlier dreams and some of them were unexpected emotional connections to people and places.
So ...
What if I lived before this lifetime?
My early teachings taught me that God created my spirit and placed my intelligence in that spirit body and then created a physical earth and allowed me to experience a physical body. When I die I will leave this body and return to a spirit world where I will await a perfected heavenly body.
My deja vu experiences led me to ask, why am I having memories and flashbacks of events that I haven’t been part of?
Or ... 
Have I?
This is an ongoing investigation that occupies my thoughts and meditation.
Why do I find that some people are so familiar?
In traveling to new places, why does it seem that I have been here before?
I have been presented with a “what if” that is opening a new chapter in my learning.
What if I have lived in another lifetime?
What if I lived many lifetimes?
What if those lifetimes are connected?
What if my deja vu experiences are memories of people, places and experiences that I have been a part of.
What if it is possible to “fix” mistakes in these other lifetimes and avoid possible retribution?
What if?
I am planning a trip to a historical site in the next few days. It was the scene of a terrible massacre in 1857 where 120 men, women, and children were brutally murdered. 
Over the years I have collected books and movies that portray the events that took place.
My question, “what if” has given me a chance to return to an event that took place in a prior lifetime and find peace.
I have wondered why this event in history has intrigued me, even haunted me.
Now I know.
Karma has given me a chance to make things right.
Many Western cultures have ideas that are similar to karma.
What you sow you reap.
Violence begets violence. 
If you live by the sword, you die by the sword.
I will now face a past life experience in this present life and attempt to bring peace and to find peace.
I will face my accusers.
They are still there waiting for me.
An experience several years ago let me feel the pain and anger of these forgotten and trapped spirits.
My visit will attempt to acknowledge my role and to ask these spirits for forgiveness. In doing this, I hope to bring peace to them and allow them to go into the light.
I will bring a peace offering and hope that they accept my apologies.
So ... 
What if there are unlimited possibilities for us to discover and remember?
What if we don’t know it all?
What if this lifetime is an opportunity to connect all previous lifetimes?
The pieces of my puzzle are coming together. 
Slowly, piece by piece, an understanding is unfolding that my life here, my picture, is only one small piece of a greater puzzle that the Universe is showing me. A puzzle that I intend to explore and use to discover the answers to all of my “what if’s.”