Tuesday, July 30, 2013


There are times in our life when we ask the question, why me?
Why are people attacking me?
Why do bad things always happen to me?
Why do I attract people into my life that hurt me?
Why am I so unhappy?
The answer may lie in our own past.
It is important to acknowledge our own complicity in the events that mold our life.
It is not always easy to accept responsibility for the negative things in our life, but the fact of the matter, is that we create every event that happens, good and bad.
It is time to forgive yourself of your past mistakes and let them go.
Holding on to negative events only attracts more of the same into our life.
Ask yourself:
Are my friends in the same situation as me?
Do I reinforce the bad situations by talking about them?
Have I let the opinions of others mold my life?
Stand in front of a mirror and look at yourself.
Look into your own eyes and hold that gaze for a minute.
Is it hard to look at yourself?
Do you want to look away?
Do yourself a favor and forgive yourself.
Forgive yourself of past mistakes.
Forgive others for hurting you.
Forgive God for abandoning you.
In order for you to begin to heal and move forward in a positive manner you must let go of the past.
If you feel a need to ask another for forgiveness, then do so.
When life feels stuck to you, it is probably because you have placed yourself in this void.
There are unseen beings and guides who are willing to help. 
Ask for that help.
You are a divine being experiencing a human experience.
It is a difficult journey to maneuver the ever changing and dynamic properties of earth life.
Turn off the clutter and noise that keeps you distracted from more important issues.
Ask yourself:
Can I change the situation?
Can worry make it better?
Is it my responsibility to take on this assignment?
Learn to recognize those things that we want in our lives and those that we do not.
Stop judging.
Make better choices by realizing that we create our lives by the decisions that we make.
Choose better friends.
Love yourself.
Love others.