Thursday, April 7, 2016

Toxic environments

Do you work or live in a toxic environment? 
During the 18 months that I worked at the Escalante Home Center, I was exposed to a toxic atmosphere inside the store. 
Each Wednesday we would receive new orders for the week from the DoitBest corporation. 
There was always a smell of plastics and chemicals from the products and packaging of each week's order.
Death row was always the most offensive. Death row was the name I gave the isle where the yard poisons, rat killer and other noxious poisons were located. It was near the entrance and registers where I worked. 
The store contained hundreds of fluorescent lights which gave off continuous amounts of mercury vapor. 
I brought these concerns to managements attention and suggested a exhaust system which would clear the air of the toxic smells. 
It was ignored. 
Being extra sensitive to pesticides, food additives, and environmental pollution, I was concerned for my own health and that of the customers. 
I know customers who were no longer able to shop at that store because of the toxic nature of the air. 
A change in my Life created the incentive for me to leave my employment.
I am the Canary in the coal mine.
I admit that I am more sensitive than others to toxins and poisons. Nonetheless, The danger remains. 
Whether or not people want to admit it, the danger is ever present. What kind of living and work environment do you live in? 
Do you have fluorescent lights in your home? 
How about the smell coming from the new carpet or the new furniture? 
How about that smell from the new paint or that new car smell? 
Do you have one of those smelly trees hanging from the interior of your car? 
Do you have an air freshener in the bathroom? 
What do you think is making that smell? 
They are all TOXIC!
Many are probable carcinogens.
We live in a toxic environment whether we want to admit it or not.
These are but a few examples of toxins that we are exposed to each day. 
If you live in the city and work for a corporate entity and are relegated to a cubicle or office space, you are being poisoned. If your neighbor is spraying his lawn with toxic poisons, you are being poisoned. If the farmer is planting Bt Corn or spraying his crops with bug killer, you are being poisoned.
What are you going to do? 
Sadly, there are some who are still ignorant! 
It is up to all of us to educate the ignorant and come up with solutions that will create a healthy and viable environment for the future. 
The planet is dying.
People are dying.
Hospitals are being built at an accelerated rate to treat all the sick people. 
Our food is being poisoned intentionally by corporate entities like Monsanto and others who are making Billions on our sickness. 
Hospitals are big business and Billions are spent on treatments that are mostly ineffective and temporary. 
The solution begins with me and you. 
Clean air, clean water and good old fashioned home grown organic food is the best choice. 
If you can’t grow your own, learn how. 
Take out that grass and plant a garden. 
If you can’t do that, plant in containers on the patio or flower beds.
Start with your own home, your own immediate space. 
Clean out your cupboards.
Clean out your garden sheds.
Take those toxins to a hazardous waste disposal. 
Replace those toxic fluorescent lightbulbs with energy-efficient LED's. Get rid of all those candles that smell so nice but are likely emitting poisonous fumes. 
Start reading labels. If you can't pronounce it, it's probably dangerous to your health. 
I purchased a food dictionary explaining many of the long confusing names that describe our food to help me.
I am a label reader. 
I know others who are label readers. 
If you aren’t reading labels, you are likely poisoning you and your family.
Luckily, I have a built-in sensor. 
Whenever I eat, drink, or I am in a toxic environment, my sensor gives me a headache. 
It is a painful reminder that I have overlooked something in my space. Some of these headaches last 24 hours and are on the migraine scale of pain. 
I am much more careful after each of these warnings from my internal sensor. 
This little story of my encounters is your warning.
I am the canary in the Coal mine.
Your LIFE!