Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mad dogs

Mad Dogs
I had to shoot your dog yesterday.
Were he mad?
He wern’t too darned pleased!
This was a Bert and I joke I heard years ago in Maine.
Today I wasn’t pleased to have to shoot a dog.
I have chickens. I have a fenced yard and do my best to keep them safe. I heard a commotion this morning and went out side to find one of my chickens being attacked by a dog. I keep a shotgun handy just in case of such attacks and was forced to shoot the dog.
Were he mad?
He was just being a dog and doing what he had been trained to do.
Hunt birds. 
The problem is that he was hunting my birds, my pets.
I keep chickens to give me organic eggs. They keep me company and also eat the bugs around the yard. I always check to see that all are safe and count each one, but today one little banty chicken is blind in one eye and lying under a bush. She is being comforted by the rest of the flock who are staying close to her. Her sister banty is grooming and standing over her. I don’t know whether or not she will survive. I will keep a close eye on her.
There is a problem when a pet owner chooses to ignore their responsibility as a caretaker of that animal.
I don’t blame the dog, it is the owner who needs to be taught how to care for a pet. 
I watch almost daily as my friends post articles on animal abuse and neglect. It is a sad sight and is hard to look at the thoughtless irresponsibility of humans all across the globe. I can only imagine what kind of human beings could be so careless as to abuse and kill their pets.
But that is exactly what this thoughtless owner did to his own dog.
Today that dog is in dog heaven and that owner is without a friend.
Last year another dog took two of my chickens, I was able to find the owner and warn him. To his credit, that dog has been kept confined in his own yard.
I haven’t owned a gun in many years but last year I made the choice to get a shotgun for the protection of my pets.
I am not happy at having to destroy someones pet but when they choose to disregard animal instincts and allow them to roam free, I protect my livestock.
I put a note on the post office bulletin board to let the owner know about the dog. I hope he gets the message and is more responsible in the future. 
Will he be mad?
Will it make a difference?
I pray so ...

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Dreams of the night

The dreams of the night have reminded me of my part in the greater universe.
We are not alone, we are part of a vast plan to allow us an opportunity to grow.
Our Father/Mother God created this world where we can experience the reality of a third dimensional, time and space dimension. We agreed to be separated from the essence of our true self in order to grow and learn in a free will society. 
There are so many possibilities, within each of us is the ability to reconnect to the source of all knowledge.
Who are you really?
What are you capable of accomplishing?
Do you know your true power?
There are moments in every persons life when he glimpses the eternal part of himself. 
These are the defining  parts of ourself that can lift us out of the everyday hum drum life that we have been taught to believe in.
Every action, every thought, every random whim affects the rest of our world. 
We are creators, we create our everyday world. The world that we live in. 
When we stop to help those in need and lift them up, we lift ourselves up. Each person who we cut off on the freeway to save ourselves a few minutes on our daily commute will come back and cause a traffic jam in our life.
The windows of time and space are open and this world is but one of countless worlds that have been created to allow us a chance to be part of a greater whole.
Our knowledge and experiences are relayed back to our Father/Mother God and the entire company of Heaven benefits from this agreement.
Do not be taken in by the perpetrators of false teachings. Those who would tell you that they have the only way. There are countless opportunities and paths that will lead you on a journey and path that will astound and surprise you.
Believe in yourself, You are a God and therefore capable of anything that you set your heart on.
What is it that you want out of life?
Create it!
Only you, yourself can limit your possibilities.
Those who are controlling the media, religions and government are terrified of your potential. These are little men and women who have forgotten that there is enough for all.
Break free and shine!
Never fear, you have the company of departed family, friends and angels to show you the way.
Listen ... can you hear them.
Turn off the TV
Shut off the noise and distractions.
These are not the things that matter.
Look at your friends and family, those that form your support group. Do they truly lift you up to a higher place. Do they inspire you to want to become more? 
If not, separate from them. You will find those who are compatible with your walk in life.
There is more!
There is always a choice!
Listen to the inner part of your magnificent higher Being. 
You are never alone.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Beloved M

My Love, it has been nearly 2 years since you left. 
I didn’t get to say goodbye. I wanted to say goodbye to you, but in the last few days there were so many things to take care of.
I felt strange to be making arrangements with the funeral director while you were still here. We had so many family members here to wish you farewell, I forgot to tell you how much I loved you and how much I would miss you. 
Then the pain was so intense we had to begin the morphine and then you were gone. 
You did so much for me, you healed my broken heart then showed me how to love again. You helped me to see that our love was far more rare than I realized. 
Mediocre? Ha! We had something that was so special. I was mistaken to have even thought that thought. I did so while I was in my “why me?” state. 
You were so patient with me. You helped me to see a better way and to look for the good in all things.
I felt you many times, your thoughts fill my mind with the good times we had. I felt you slip your hand into mine just last month.
I wanted more time with you, we were just getting a good start on life. We still have so many more adventures to discover.
How will I ever be patient enough to experience those with you.
You told me to never settle ... Hold out a while longer, it will be worth the wait.
I have never lived alone before. I don’t like it. I once thought that I could be a hermit, I can’t. I must admit I do like the quiet time and the exclusive use of the remote control but I miss our walks together. And our talks into the night. 
Oh, we were so connected in every way. I guess that was to be expected, it was the angels that brought us together, introduced us and accompanied us where ever we went.
The dreams, and visions. The energy that we created when we touched, when we kissed.
Remember the crystal cluster from Missouri? That one really amplified our energy. We even had other people who could feel the electricity when we made the connection.
We held hands where ever we went, even at night we had to be touching. I miss the human touch. I didn’t think about it until I didn’t have it.
I miss all that, but most of all I miss you.
I want to look into those blue eyes and tell you that I love you and that I will always be your friend and companion and lover and protector.
My Love ... how will I ever be able to thank you enough for all that you have done for me. 
Not in this lifetime. 
Then we discovered other lifetimes. 
Oh, how we lived so many lifetimes together.
See, that is what I am struggling with right now. 
I am recognizing others that I have a bond and connection with. I can see them, but they can’t or won’t recognize me.
I asked for it, didn’t I?
To be connected to all time and space and to remember ....
I drift between 3rd, 4th, and 5 dimensions. It is easy to make the shift.
My connections are getting stronger each day.
What am I supposed to do?
With these new abilities?
I have been writing and sharing some of my experiences, I still hesitate to share the sacred parts of our life.
It is difficult to stay here, knowing what I know.
Yet, I feel I am not yet finished.
I am waiting for something.
It is not clear yet.
I am not very patient, so please give me some help.
I love you so ....
Your Beloved M