Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Have you ever wondered if there is more going on than you are able to comprehend with your physical senses?
I have and it has driven and consumed me with an intense desire to unlock the mysteries of life. 
Being schooled in traditional teachings, I was a mediocre student at best. 
I excelled in classes which challenged my thinking, ones that gave me a reason for learning, but mostly I was bored with the status quo.
School was a time of conforming to existing beliefs and being rewarded for mimicking the establishment.
Social and religious training was stressed as a way to excel and succeed in life.
Higher education equated with more money and higher standing in the community.
Sometime around the age of 40 a shift took place. 
I was no longer willing to play the game.
Still seeking approval of my peers, I dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s but inside I was slowing dying.
A new motivation from deep inside me began to awaken and push me toward an unknown destination.
A struggling marriage and unhappy relationship ended because I could no longer pretend.
I rebelled.
The old formula did not work for me.
I needed more.
I began to have conversations with the Universe and to my surprise the Universe answered back.
I learned how to recognize and respond to these new teachings.
I discovered these new teachings were in fact very old.
Others who were seeking truth appeared and together we explored new frontiers.
Then one day the Universe sent someone who turned my life upside down and inside out.
I knew immediately that my life was destined to change. 
I felt the shift inside my soul.
Together we surfed the waves.
We created a Shangri-La.
The Universe responded to our direction and we lit up the darkness with our love.
Then the Universe took her. 
Darkness surrounded me once again.
I withdrew.
But it was too late, I was hooked.
I discovered the light within me and the darkness withdrew.
I had seen behind the curtain and I wanted to more.
I found myself being drawn to certain people and events in history.
A desire to unlock my own hidden abilities began to surface.
Movies were a catalyst to inspire me when my road seemed blocked.
Most of these movies dealt with time and the hidden inner powers that we have.
My sense of being was expanded.
Then the dreams ...
I’m not sure that they really were dreams. 
I think maybe they were my own experiences.
Some of these dreams definitely changed my direction and thinking.
It was like gathering little bits of myself from an expanded Universe and adding them to this self.
There are others out there. 
There has to be ...
I feel like a bookmark that has been inserted to mark a place and a time.
I never would have guessed that I would be living on the edge of uncertainty in the middle of nowhere.
But here I am.
The world is in chaos.
Wars are never ending.
Conflict is ever present.
The Earth is being poisoned.
And yet ... there is a freshness in the air.
A hope.
A hint of a new world where love abounds.
l can feel it.

And it is getting closer ...