Thursday, May 2, 2013

One last journey down memory lane

One Last journey down memory lane

Living in a historic pioneer home here in Escalante Utah, I have had many people stop and share their memories of this home. They reminisce about an earlier time in their life when happy times were shared. I am a happy and grateful recipient when these memories are relived, for a few minutes I am whisked back in time as they recount their stories.
I had an older couple stop by today and ask if they could see my home. I showed them the home, root cellar, and granary. Most are happy to follow my lead and just enjoy the history and the pictures of those who came before. I have some books and magazines that date to the 1880’s, some portraits of those who lived here, and a few original pieces of furniture. 
One of the things that I have heard almost universally is that there is a feeling of peace when they come here. There is a feeling and a spirit that permeates this place. It is that spirit that called out to me and invited me here. That Spirit is a combination of the land and those who have lived before.
There are certainly many departed souls who come here to visit and reminisce. When I quiet my mind and the air is still, I can hear their thoughts. They often come with an accompanying feeling which is unmistakable to me.
It is in this spirit that many of my stories are brought back into my mind and I feel compelled to write.
My brother came here last fall, for a few days we were able to share memories and relive those times. Little did I realize that a month later he would be gone.
I have a lifetime of memories that I have gathered from my journeys though life. I suppose I remember the good times best. 
There is a need within us to relive those good memories when our time on earth grows short. Most who come here are in the last part of their journey and are making one last visit before they pass on to the next life.
I am only a temporary caretaker of this home but while I am here, I will try to blend my own personality with those who have come before, leaving an essence of my own soul here.
The impact that we make on each other is often lasting and life changing. 
Our journey through life is one of exploration and experimentation. We can do anything we want in life if we make the effort. We can fight against the current and swim upstream or we can find within us the peaceful balance and float with the natural flow of life.
That is what I feel when I am here in this place, a peaceful balance with life.
There was an old tradition that some of the early settlers used that I have carried on. I blessed this land and home so that those who come here feel peace. It is a simple but ernest prayer of the heart.
I have much to be grateful for, especially those who have come before me.
As summer nears I will have more visitors knock at my door asking to come in and visit. My door will always be open.
We are all visitors on a journey traveling through life and one day we will each make one last visit down memory lane.


  1. Wow. This is really beautiful. Peace be with you, Mr. G.
    Patti F. Eddington