Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cowboy Dinners

Cowboy dinners
I fixed a cowboy dinner tonight. I got out my Dutch oven and poured in the coconut oil. I went down to my cellar and picked out some organic potatoes that I grew last summer. They had sprouts on them, but the knife cut away the skin to reveal a white creamy texture. I was amazed that they were good after nearly one year.
Commercial potatoes are one of the most pesticide laden vegetables you can buy. They are sprayed with a chemical to inhibit sprouting. When the potatoes are ready, diesel fuel is poured on them to kill the plant and make harvesting easier.
I picked out 2 large onions and cut the organic carrots.
350 degrees in the oven for one hour makes it easy to cook. I added broccoli for the last 15 minutes and yum, yum, yum.
I had company for dinner tonight. A couple visiting from Cambodia were camping at Calf Creek Campground. I invited them to enjoy a country home cooked meal. 
I had a chance to show off my old place and give them a bit of history on my homestead.
Language was a bit of a problem but we had an enjoyable afternoon and dinner.
They asked about my wife and I explained that she died nearly 2 years ago. 
When it came time to eat, they placed a small plate next to me and filled it with food. A water glass was added and they asked me to speak with my wife.
I was a little surprised, but focused my intent on my wife. Almost immediately, I felt her familiar presence. The tears and emotion accompanied and I had to wait a moment before I could speak. I thanked her for her presence and asked for her blessing. The couple responded and let me know they felt her too. 
We talked of families and future plans. They told me of Cambodia and helped me say some words in Khmer.
I felt my heart connect tonight with a couple that were here traveling through my homeland. I was honored to share my way of life with them. They shared with me their life in Cambodia.
They invited me to visit them in Cambodia this winter when it is cold and the days are short here in Escalante. 
Winter is their dry season and the temperatures are in the 80’s and 90’s year round. 
I told them I would consider the invitation.
My heart already knows the answer.
My ego mind will try to convince me that I can’t afford the trip, It is too far and how will I travel without speaking the local language.
My spiritual self will remind me of how I felt when the invitation was offered. She will use my heart connection to get my attention and keep me focused on the adventure.
Then, there is the feeling I received when I felt my wife sit in the empty chair and listen.
The food remained on the plate during the meal and it was tenderly removed from the table when we finished, the chair was placed back in its place.
I knew that a new adventure was in my future, why should I be surprised.
Ego ... “Cambodia?
Spiritual self ...“Remember how you felt?”
Ego ...“What about the chickens?”
Spiritual self ...“You already have someone who will take care of them.”
Ego ...“What about a passport?”
Spiritual self ...“You already have one.”
Ego ...“The money!”
Spiritual self ...“You have some saved.”
Ego ... “You are following the wind.”
Spiritual self ... “ Follow your heart and the wind will guide your path.”