Friday, August 10, 2012


Sometimes heaven and earth conspire to point the way for me to follow. This past week I have had Spirit wallop me with Aloha messages 4 times in 4 days. 
Big Time.
I have been in Limbo for the past 2 years as I have transitioned from one life into another. It has been emotional and thought provoking. 
I have reviewed my life and wondered many times what comes next.
Long ago I gave up my ego to follow my heart. It has not always been easy, but it has always been worth the effort. I have grown more than I could have anticipated when I made this choice 20 years ago. 
My informational journey has exposed me to many philosophies and walks of life. I have been able to blend my early life with that of my current life and have found a place of peace. 
I have chosen to create my world around me rather than settling for the mediocre pursuits of money and power.
I have connected with nature and with the land. I have learned to listen to the messages from the animals and have been able to steer my path accordingly.
I understand the darker side of man and the potential for destruction that some have chosen to follow. 
I found many who have given freely of the gifts that they possessed to lift up mankind only to be rejected by controlling forces.
I have connected with my family from the stars and my family who are not of this earth.
I have rarely shared the knowledge that I possess, though I would have liked too.
I have created my own version of heaven on earth in my home and some have felt that spirit and others have been threatened by my dreams.
It is now time to respond to Spirit as I have done in the past. 
The lyrics of this song by Danny Couch came strongly as I drove over Boulder Mountain today.
I share them with you ...
Island of Dreams
Island of Love
So many nights, I’ve dreamed about my Island
and all the loving memories she brought to me.
And I knew I stayed away too long from my island.
But, I‘ve come home to the only place I want to be.
Hawaii, you’re everything that’s love to me.
I see your picture in my heart, through the pages of my destiny.
Hawaii, This time I’ve come back to stay.
Somehow I always knew I would return to you someday.
Island of dreams
Island of love. 
The years went by, I traveled many oceans. My soul grew weary, for the smile of home. 
The winds of change were rising just like long ago. Now the peace I feel inside is all I need to know. 
Hawaii, you’re everything that’s love to me.
From some forgotten place and time, You’ll live forever in my memory
Hawaii, This time I’ve come back to stay.
Somehow I always knew, I would return to you, someday. 
I’m coming home,
Island of dreams, 
My lsland of love.
Blessings to us all ...