Thursday, November 21, 2013

Can the needs of the few out weigh the survival of future generations?

There is in modern terms, A “clear and present danger” that looms before us.
Do we take the short sighted view and take the carrot dangling before us?
Or ... do we look at the long term consequences at what is being offered?
I choose to see what history has done before us.
Take the money and run?
Those of us who live in this area are facing some important challenges.
The lack of jobs.
The closing of schools and businesses.
Families forced to relocate because of the economy.
Loss of family farms and ranches.
Giving up pristine natural lands to an uncertain and potentially dangerous development.
Allowing outsiders to determine our future.
Watching a family oriented community potentially change into a boom town.
Can the needs of the few out weigh the survival of future generations?
We can not allow ourselves to be defined by “original families” or “new comers.”
One is not better than the other.
We all made a choice to make this place home.
We can allow our differences to tear us apart or we can learn to get along together.
This present challenge is just another example of the unresolved differences that exist in our community.
How we choose to resolve this conflict will reflect on us and the future generations that look back on history.
I am a descendant of the original founders of this town. I live in one of the first adobe homes built in this community.
I made changes to this “historic house” that some call obscene while others hail my artistic vision.
Life will always be about the choices we make.
They define us and judge us.
I am reminded of another historical event that took place not far from our community.
It has had a devastating long term consequence for not only the families of those involved, but millions of others.
There are many who still suffer from debilitating health, loss of quality of life, and even death.
I speak of the Downwinders.
They and their families face cancers, disease and death caused by shortsighted vision.
My own wife of 17 years, mother of seven children and grandmother to 18 grandchildren, died recently from a breast cancer that she contracted, because of greed and fear based on short term decisions.
She was born in Northern Arizona in the 1950’s. She attended local schools, won beauty pageants, played sports and raised a family expecting to enjoy the fruits of her efforts.
Now she is dead.
The government has admitted fault and is now paying families as a compensation for killing thousands.
Are you willing to take the money and run?
How far can you run?
How much is your family’s health worth?
How will history judge us?

I, for one know ...

Saturday, November 16, 2013

It was a warm summer night

It was the summer of 1970, it was a warm summer night. The clouds were covering the valley and the search lights were scanning the sky. The car dealers and businesses would use the search lights to attract the attention of valley residents to a sale or event that they wanted to advertise.
I had just arrived home from a date, it was late and I was thinking about school and girls and how I was going to explain the late hour to my parents.
We had a deal whenever I would go on a date. I didn’t have a curfew but I always had to knock on their bedroom door and announce that I was home. 
Most often the question I got was, how was your date and what time is it?
This night I hoped that they wouldn’t ask the time because it was way past midnight.
I sometimes fudged a bit on the time and hoped they wouldn’t look at the time when I told them.
Safe ... tonight they didn’t look at the clock.
I went back out on the front porch again to look at the lights in the sky but this time there were more than I had ever seen. When I traced the lights to their location I could see where they were originating from.
The problem with my solution is that there were far more lights in the sky than on the ground.
I began to watch these lights more intensely and realized that there were dozens of them moving in the sky. Some were brighter and larger than the others, some were moving slowly and some were darting quickly across the sky.
I had heard of UFO’s, star trek had debuted in 1966 and I watched it religiously each week.
This was different, I watched for some time and then went to bed never really feeling scared or amazed.
I forgot about that event shortly after it happened, it was only a few years ago that my memory resurfaced again.
I recently read a book called, The Day After Roswell by Col. Philip J Corso. This is the man who was given the task of covering up the incidence at Roswell, New Mexico. It is an intriguing read. He unfolds how the government has created layer upon layer of coverup to explain the unexplained mysteries that have taken place over the past 60 plus years. It’s no wonder that there is so much controversy over UFO’s. Even the different government agencies can’t trace it back to its origin. 
“Foreign technology” is the term that was used to insert the vastly superior technology into the hands of manufacturers and developers. They reversed engineered the artifacts into the weapons and technology that is widespread today.
...Integrated circuit chips, fiber optics, lasers, and super tenacity fibers all originated from Roswell.
I’ve had a hobby over the years to watch and keep track of these “science fiction/fact” movies and programs that come out in the media. 
It turns out that the media was and is leaking information to alert us to facts that are staring us in the face.
Every time you use your computer, smart phone and internet you are using technology that came to us from somewhere outside our planet.
I have also taken as part of my hobby, to find and investigate those in our past who have had similar experiences.
Ever wondered what that bright star was that the wise men followed?
How about the story of the flaming chariot of fire?
Jacob’s ladder?
These events are recorded in written history and carved in stone.
They are everywhere if you look with new eyes.
I wonder ...
Who are they?
Where do they come from?
Are they our ancestors?
Were the Adam’s and Eve’s, star seed that were inserted onto this planet?
Are they watching over their “Children?”
How about you?
Have you seen UFO’s?

Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?