Wednesday, January 25, 2012

To the Woman of my dreams

To the woman of my dreams:
I have already met you in my dreams. You visit me when my guard is down and I am most open to receive you.
You have captured my heart.
My waking hours are sometimes spent in mundane chores that life requires of me. I get caught up in the everyday worries of making ends meet, and life’s distractions and I forget.
My heart keeps on reminding me to remember my prayers, to reflect on my hopes and dreams, to check in with things that matter most in life. It is in this way that we will meet in life.
I am trying to be the kind of man that you have shown me to be in my dreams. 
The years have changed me. My hair is gone. My confidence has been challenged. I am not as strong as I once was. My eyes have dimmed. My hearing has faded.
Some have encouraged me to go out into the world and look for you. They say I must leave my place of peace, my garden sanctuary. 
My heart tells me to stay here for now. I am to trust in the workings of the Universe to bring us together.
My guides assure me that even though I have changed, we will recognize each other. It will be unmistakeable when I see you and you see me.
The physical is temporary, the spiritual is forever. 
I am sorry about my hair. 
My hopes are renewed.
My strength is in my heart.
My eyes are now green and focused on you.
I am listening to Spirit.
I know we will have Instant and complete love on all levels.
I made a list of things that I would like to have in a life partner. It isn’t very long. At the top of that list is spiritual compatibility. Someone who will have similar dreams and goals. Someone who I can inspire and who can inspire me to want to become more than I am.
Non-judgmental of me and others.
Beauty is important, but not the outer beauty that the world recognizes. Inner beauty of the heart and soul.
I know that you travel light, you long ago left your baggage behind.
Laughter is important, because life isn’t alway fair. 
A smile.
A sparkle.
These are things that you have already shown my in my dreams.
I am looking forward to meeting you. 
I promise to focus more on important things, so that I can be ready when we see each other.
Adventure is in our future. Discovery of life and its mysteries. 
Travel calls out to us and together we will explore the unexplored.
I trust in you because you trust in me.
The power of the heart is strong. 
I know, that you know ... I am here.
The boundaries between us are falling alway, I know you are close.
Soon, my Love, so very soon ...
The Universe has told me you are amazing and that the waiting will be worth it.
I promise you the same ...