Thursday, December 3, 2015

Question Everything

The dependency that we have on electronic gadgets is demeaning our ability to think for ourself.
Studies have recorded that our brains are rewiring when we allow electronic devices to do our thinking.
I have long avoided the smart phone. 
Recently a change in my life necessitated my breaking a long standing, never to break rule, … to have a cell phone. 
I know the risks to my well being, both physically and spiritually, but feel the need outweighed the risk.
Many of my intuitive moments have come in times of silence and meditation.
The inner part of myself that is connected to the universal matrix of spirit needs to have a clear channel to communicate to my earthly self.
When we rely on outside tools to find answers they often come tainted with outside prejudices and filters.
I have noticed my inner knowing has diminished, as is my intuitive insights, since incorporating the smart phone into my life.
The human matrix of an artificial intelligence that has been put before us with social media, instant news, instant messaging, instant information, with an ever increasing need for more speed has left us vulnerable to trusting truth to obscure servers hidden away in secret vaults.
Humans in the past have found it all too convenient to rewrite history to suit their needs, it once required books be pulled off the shelves and destroyed, now with the click of a mouse, history is rewritten.
Our smarty pants phones are passing selectively crafted and edited information to us, this information has been tailored to seductively alter our views of life.
I recently requested Siri to find me a business and give me directions, she or it or the artificial intelligence took me on a wild goose chase, then brought me back to the same exact place and declared, your destination is on the left. If I had used my own eyes and intuition I would have seen the business without “help” from Siri.
I am reminded of the book, Animal Farm by George Orwell. In his story the farm animals write their rules on the side of a barn, but the pigs slowly rewrite the rules while the other animals sleep so that they can control life on the farm.
It is all too clear to me that the “pigs” are rewriting our laws, everyday there are evidences that we are being manipulated through media. 
I don’t believe in throwing out the baby with the bath water, but I always use intuitive caution when incorporating new information into my belief systems.
Recently, council through local religious channels have cautioned members not to trust in the internet for medical information, I believe this council is lacking and misleading.
There is much that can be learned through the internet but we must use caution and an inner guidance to push through all the masses of hype, deceit and drama.
The highest form of information and inner knowing is through the inner self, the small voice within.
It took me years to recognize this voice and more years to trust in that inner knowing.
Now outside technology is threatening to destroy my secure channel.
I see the advantage of modern technology, but only if it is used with an inner compass that comes from intuitive reasoning, questioning and prudence.
Question everything …
This is sound advice, especially when we are being bombarded by overwhelming chatter from so many electronic outside forces.

My resolve in light of this insight is to reduce electronic dependance and allow myself more alone time in quiet meditation, savoring inner insights and being in gratitude for the blessings of life.